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We Need Two Camps, for Now

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, Nov 13, 2010 13:27

The families of the dead and injured should be standing at the steps of Congress shouting for justice, for the truth. The concerted efforts at denial and deflection must be called out as either ignorance and fear or compliance and agreement. Neither can we abide.

We need two camps, one the ignorant, dhimmified camp who feel the need for tolerance and understanding toward enemies and the other camp that studies history, looks behind the veil of practiced deceit to uncover the core of our enemy and stands resolutely against it in all arenas at all times. The dhimmi camp has chosen to remove our ability to analyze the threat by deleting the lexicon we need to discuss it. The freedom camp is forever pushed aside and slandered with epithets of bigot and islamophobe.

Elements of Islam are at war with us. Global islamic conquest and suzerainty are called for in islam's founding doctrine and practiced by living, breathing people today. Our blindness to this doctrine and to its followers will not make it or them go away. We must educate or isolate and weaken the dhimmi camp and enlarge and strengthen the freedom camp if we are ever to be rid of this perpetual war machine and its 'sacred' terror of jihad.


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