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free speech?

Submitted by Peterk, Oct 25, 2010 19:30

what free speech concerns? youtube has a service agreement, they've taken down conservatives in the past or are they fearful of CAIR/ISNA/MPAC complaints

remember "free speech" applies to the government. youtube is not a government agency, nor is the internet (thankfully) regulated by the government so i see no problem with shutting them down. If jihadis want to post videos then they can set up their own website


What Terror?

Submitted by Soundmethod, Oct 25, 2010 14:11

What terror in America? Who is terrified? People are too busy shopping at walmart and watching direct TV to be terrified. Alchohol and tobacco kill about three thousand people a day in America. Who is the real terrorist? Terrorism is just a marketing tool for the government and the defense industry.


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