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Outmaneuvered and Succeeding Because of Massive Help from Western Ruling Elites

Submitted by Linda Rivera, Oct 7, 2010 21:51

Blair brags about helping Kosovo's Muslims and wants the global Muslim community to be informed how the U.S. and Britain helped Muslims. It is to the West's eternal shame that US/UK/NATO, on the side of the KLA Muslim terrorist organization, waged ruthless war on Kosovo's Christian Serbs on the basis of a phony massacre that US/NATO knew never took place. A huge victory for global jihad - a gift from US/UK/NATO.

Blair talks about the injustice done to 'Palestinians'. What injustice??? Injustice is continually perpetrated against Jews! 10,000 Jews were viciously ethnically cleansed from Gaza for the sole reason they are Jews and not Muslim. Forced into poverty, many of the evicted Jews had to live in tents for a long time.

The US/EU/UK demand that vulnerable little Israel surrender half her land to PLO/Palestinian Authority - the terrorist organization who greatly honor the savage Muslim terrorist killers of Jewish innocents. The PLO/Palestinian Authority security services army are armed and continually given American advanced military training. One of the U.S. trained terrorists told journalist Aaron Klein, that all of the American military training is used against Israel.

Thousands of Palestinian Authority Muslims-peace partners - celebrated in the streets with great joy over the cruel murders of our 3,000 innocents on 9/11. Americans are forced to support these Muslims through their taxes whilst jobless, homeless, neglected Americans live in tent cities.


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