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Religion in the public and private spheres

Submitted by Ron, Feb 25, 2013 00:32

Let religion stay home not in the public place.

This is impossible when you are a devout follower of a religion which prescribes how to live and act on a 24x365 basis.



Submitted by Nezam, Oct 1, 2010 08:36

you said,

Bangladesh's democratic government has taken a series of steps to stem the tide of Islamic extremism since it won elections in December 2008. Most of the actions by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her party, the Awami League, target the radical Jamaat-e-Islami, a Pakistani-tied Islamist party which seeks to impose Sharia law in Bangladesh.

first underlined part concludes that BD govt. is taking steps. Against what? islamic extremists. Who are they? according to your post, it is Jamaat-e-Islami. As a citizen of Bangladesh, I have to disagree with you on this point. The govt. of BD is yet to declear them as extremist, nor any Legal authorities of BD. Then how could you reach such a conclusion?

You also said, Jamaat-e-islami is also tied with Pakistani tied islamic party. Before 1971, they were a eastern part of Jamaat-e-islam, pakistan. this was because the then bangladesh was part of pakistan. after independence in 1971, Jamaat-e-islami was seperated from its pakistani tie and it was named as Jamaat-e-islami , Bangladesh. recently, it renamed itself Bangladesh Jamaat-e-islami to comply with BD's election commission verdict. My question to you, did you studies those facts before writing this post or reaching such a conclusion?

Bangladesh Jamaat-e-islami never seeks to implement sharia law in Bangladesh. please read their party constitution and watch the local media to see thier commitment to Bangladeh's constitution. please be responsible while writing.

another issue. BD govt. is taking steps against Jamaat-e-islami leaders. it doesn't imply that they are extremist. BD govt is acting on a case of war crime. i guess, war crime and extremism are different issues.

thanks. keep writing and take responsibility of what you write.


why secularism and how?

Submitted by amalendu chatterjee, Sep 30, 2010 18:10

Banning extreme Islamic parties from democracy or cosmetic changes in the constitution may not achieve the full objective of secularism. Minorities sacrificed a lot and in fact gave more blood (majority of 3 millions killed and 10 million refugees in India during 1971 conflict may have been minorities). All minority itellectuals (leaders, professors, philanthropists) were brutally butchered. Sacrifices of minoroties were never recognized. In addition, it is unfortunate that many discreminatory laws (enemy property act, for example) that existed during Pakistani military still exist. Moreover, in this corrupt country, the judicial system does not perform well or uniformly in rural areas and minorities become easy victims. When I grew up in Bangladesh (even during military rule of 1952-1970) I did not see a single hijab in Dhaka Unicersity or BUET. Those places have been flooded with radical cultures. Why this? You do not become more religious by showing off. I would say this, ' we had high hope when Bangladesh was created with secularism in mind in 1971. That hope faded when the founder was murdered and different Islamic rules were introduced from 1975 till today. AL party had a chance but they were to afraid to be bolt and take action. Hopefully, it is not too late for incremental changes now'. Bangladesh has unique opportunities to be be a country of world's show piece if following visions are promoted:

1) A true secular Muslim country to supercede Turkey. Let religion stay home not in the public place.

2) Harmony among all Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRB) for the better future of the country they love. Humans were born before religions and sectarian violence for the sake of religion cannot bring opiece and prosperity.

3) Bengali culture and language (Nazrul/Tagore) in the world body. India or West Bangal cannot do it because Indian official language is Hindi.

4) Strong socio-economic ties with India and other neighbors for its growth where millions are suffering.

5) Strong ties with USA to curb terrorism inside and across India border. US is trying hard to cooperate with a country like Bangladesh for a roll model.

If not I see the bleak future of Bangladesh. It may be second Afghanistan. Better learn a lesson what Pakistan got in last 65 years not following secularism and democracy and what India got.


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