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About the "relative silence" of ASNE

Submitted by Richard Karpel, Sep 29, 2010 13:11

ASNE was considering a statement in the Molly Norris case but learned from her editors that she does not want any more media attention. I suspect she's concerned that more attention will increase the risk to her and her family.

Richard Karpel

Executive Director
American Society of News Editors


Equality for all

Submitted by Rebecca Moulds, Sep 28, 2010 14:22

Although I do not embrace abortion, I do not seek to hurt those who do. And although I do not embrace Islam, I do not seek to hurt those who do. However, when one religion is given precedence over another, then I do protest, and it's about time that Islam does not get special dispensation to do as it pleases, insult Judaism, Christianity and other beliefs, and to issue death threats. It is high time that "what is good for the goose is good for the gander" applies to Islam. We need to stop the bully before it is too late.


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