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Islamic "moderates" are irrelevant

Submitted by Gracie, Sep 18, 2010 23:46

Unfortunately, Islamic "moderates" are irrelevant, because they are essentially powerless to effect change in Islam. Both dissent and criticism are not "allowed" in Islam, so it's dangerous for them to speak out against Holy War. Not many do this, and they usually live in a non-Muslim country. One brave woman is Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America, also Noni Darwish; both have good books on the subject.

I think the way our govt. leaders ignore the truth that Islam in incompatible with our way of life and freedom is either willful ignorance or compliance, and either way, they are as guilty of subversion as those advocating sharia law. In my book, they should all be charged with subversion, and any Muslims advocating sharia law and/or jihad should be deported.

It's criminal the way imams advocating jihad are allowed into our prisons to indoctrinate converts to jihad. It's criminal the way the (disloyal) Muslims in our security agencies seem to have the power to keep loyal Arabic speaking Jewish Americans from being hired as linguists. It's criminal the way the heads of our security agencies have swallowed the "sensitivity training" given by the (non-moderate) Muslim groups like CAIR, ISNA, and others.

In "Muslim Mafia" authors Gaubatz and Sperry show with captured documents that without a doubt, all the major, so-called "moderate" Muslim groups, and all the major American mosques, are under the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood, sworn to establish sharia law in America. With all the information out there today, there is no longer any excuse for ignorance.


Office of Threat Assessment

Submitted by Civilus Defendus, Sep 17, 2010 23:34

In this world, after the rise of a technologically more savvy islam and the long list of attacks - in the name of islam and allah - shouldn't we have an Office of Sharia Threat Assessment? If not, why not? Insensitivity to those attempting to subvert our bureacracy, overthrow our government and replace our Constitution? Akin to appeasing Hitler, and as (in-)sensible.

Islam is here to impose cultural supremacy by enforcing sharia. Whether through armed or covert means matters little, they both must be stopped. Is the willful blindness of our "leadership" criminally actionable?


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