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Things that make you say, "What?"

Submitted by Donna F, Sep 14, 2010 10:51

Day before yesterday, I came upon a connection between Alex Jones and ABC news..okay, that's odd. Last week there was a piece on Bloomberg having business dealings with one of the mosque developers/financiers. Then this realization last night as I watched O'Reilly...yep, I'm a conservative that has never bought into the idea that anyone could pull off a conspiracy that would involve thousands of people and get away with it. I don't and never will believe that 9/11 was inside job, but I do think there might be a conspiracy involving the Imam, Al Qaeda, Alex Jones, Bloomberg, and ABC...so who finances ABC anyway? Its really just a matter of time before all of this blows up in the Imam's face and the truth does come out. I don't like the extortionist tactics the old man uses...threats if we don't let them build at Ground Zero. Please, we're in danger from Islamic extremist no matter what happens.


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