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Not a Dry Run-Wait a Minute

Submitted by Caljack, Aug 31, 2010 16:20

The two men who took part in this recent Airline Incident still have a lot of explaining to do..but even more so, perhaps so does TSA and our goverment. It is being reported that Al Soofi has legal permanent resident status, but has no direct family here in the USA. Then why and how did he get his Green Card. As for Al Muris, his visitor's visa has long since expired, so he is an illegal alien, if reports are correct.

Why is he still here? Is our goverment tracking these visa's? If not, then why not? The Goverment stated that they were going too. Then there is the money and the taped up items in his luggage. The public deserves some answers other than, it's not a crime or it wasn't a dry run. This story is another example that we cannot trust our goverment to protect and defend us. It is so bad now that if they did tell us the truth, I would not be able to identify it. It is hard enough to feel safe flying these days, this dry run does not help shake that fear, it just increases the fear.


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