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Ground Zero

Aug 26, 2010 11:22

When will the world wake up. Islam's known plan is first-convert, If this fails, then, subgugate, if this fails, then, annihilate.

Build a a Mosque next to ground zero???? I think not.


Selectively quoting Hitchens

Submitted by IFadd, Aug 25, 2010 16:22

You aren't representing Hitchens' main position. The bulk of the article is spent criticizing the people who are attacking the mosque for their stupidity and selective reading of the first ammendment. He particularly attacks Palin and Gingrich and takes Abe Foxman to task for his dumb comment that the family members of the 9/11 victims are entitled to be bigoted and irrational because of their grief.

A key line from the article:

"Where to start with this part-pathetic and part-sinister appeal to demagogy? To begin with, it borrows straight from the playbook of Muslim cultural blackmail. Claim that something is "offensive," and it is as if the assertion itself has automatically become an argument.... Nothing could be more foreign to the spirit and letter of the First Amendment or the principle of the 'wall of separation.'"

Can the IPT defend the 1st Ammendment and denounce Gingrich and Palin?


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