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Correlating media coverage between Iman Rauf and Glenn Beck

Submitted by Ed Zuckerman, Aug 29, 2010 07:05

There seems to be a straight-line correlation between the media's coverage of the Ground Zero mosque and the Glenn Beck-sponsored rally. Both pit First Amendment freedoms against popular will, and both mask the true purposes of the organizers. The media criticize Glenn Beck because the rally at the Lincoln Memorial was held on August 29 which, to most people, is the day that comes after August 28 but to the media is the day Martin Luther King gave a speech on that site. The media extolls the Ground Zero mosque site as a tribute to democracy when its sponsors are really building a monument to Islamic terrorism.

There also seems to be a straight-line correlation between the media's leftward march and the demise of the American newspaper industry. What the Internet hasn't done to the newspaper industry, the industry has done to itself.


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