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Legally it was "attempted piracy", NOT piracy.

Dec 25, 2010 21:08

unfortunately, they were charged with PIRACY, and not ATTEMPTED piracy, which are two different things --- had they been charged on the "attempted" cause, it is highly doubtful the judge would have dismissed, because that is precisely what they did, but did NOT fullfill the legal description of PIRACY !

bad mistake by prosecution actually !


He is just following the leader

Submitted by Spike, Aug 21, 2010 23:47

I wonder if the judges decision would have been different if his son was as one of the ones being shot at on th ship...

Guns, planes and bombs arn't what will destroy this nation, our own selffessness and stupidity is all that it's taking. Just look what our President is doing..

God Bless You......................Spike


To be this stupid...

Submitted by Old Bull, Aug 21, 2010 14:57

One has to go to law school! And these are the "philosopher-kings" that the Dems want to put in charge of our lives! Actually, it is our own fault--we have allowed judges to assume this exalted status by according them unquestioning deference. "We the people" have fashioned the knot and happily placed it around our own necks....Sad, but true!


Question for the judge

Submitted by SDN, Aug 21, 2010 11:37

Does that mean that if somone shoots at you they haven't committed attempted murder? What a moron.


Not piracy - Then what?

Submitted by Frank, Aug 18, 2010 18:49

OK, the judge didn't want to call it piracy. But they shot at us, did they not?

Does that not count for anything done wrong?


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