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Submitted by victor, Nov 20, 2014 16:20

We will know if the US stops supporting Israel. Israelis are nuts putting all the eggs od Israeli security in the US support basket. They should know all Western nations have turned on the Jews and the US undoubtedly will too. Only question is what will be the turning point but the trend is obvious, Americans are getting fed up with US support for Israel and with the Jewish establishment pushing it.

It is a catch 22 for the Jews; the more influence they gather in the US the stronger the feelings against US Jews in the US and the less safe Israel is. But if US support for Israel ceases, Israel will last 2 minutes.

What to do? Israel and US Jews should work, hard while the window of opportunity stays open, to create a prosperous Palestinian State and gain acceptance for a smaller Israel and even gain acceptance for Jews in Arab countries. Historically, Arabs and Moslems have less beastly on the Jews than the alien Greco-Roman-Anglo-Europeans (Christian or no).

Jews have to choose; live materially prosperous in the industrious West always with Damocles swordo over their heads of live in Israel and dispersed in Arab countries as they had done before.

Let us be blunt; no matter how many apparently arguments are put forward by the Israelis and their US friends about the common vitak interests of Israel and the US. The vital interests of the US point in the direction of abandoning Israel sooner or later.

I am afraid Jews will, again, make the wrong decision. If Jews believe the Holocaust is some sort of vaccination against antisemitism they do not understand anything. Proving, once again, humans can be very smart and at the same time the opposite.


only muslims payed for terrorism

Submitted by mehdia, May 9, 2011 12:12

I think the USA and Israel created El qaida, just think they kill more muslims then any others, the were only in muslim country, they never called for jihad against israel, and I am sure they have nothing to do with 09/11/2001


What has Israel ever done for the US?

Aug 11, 2010 11:19

Israel has done nothing for the United States and it is a one-way relationship that has been taken for granted over the years by Israel. It's time the US ended it's strong alliance with Israel and treated the country more like it does France. Israel has proven it is capable of defending itself and often goes beyond what many in the US consider acceptable with it's use of force, and fair in its Domestic Policy. Additionally, Israel has sold military technology to China and India, proving it has no care for anything but its own interests. It is time to pull back from our "ally" in the middle east.


Here's a Plan

Submitted by An, Aug 2, 2010 21:57

I say we pull out of all muslim countries and let them live in tents under repressive regimes all killing one another as they have always been and always will be. That means every one of them in western countries has to go back too.

They will never understand democracy here or appreciate our trying to eliminate those despots and terrorists who are preying on them in their own lands. Don't waste another American on their account.

Evacuate all the Israelis to the US where they can make their contributions to science and research but first descimate what they have built in Israel and leave it the wasteland it was when the arabs had it before them.


History of USA

Submitted by Sameeha, Aug 1, 2010 00:24

I would list this article under the "Pro-Israel junk" column. Considering how the USA has systematically 'corrupted' most entities on this planet (openly and covertly) - and now wonders why 'evil has come home to roost'. So in order to maintain the level of support for Israel - one needs to show that its not really about Israel - its about ALL Muslims who feel a war has been waged on them. When in reality, with the creation of Isreal by the UN - the stage was set and the USA made sure it was the star player! One only has to look at what Israel considers "Democracy" to understand that it falls far from that title. Israel is doing exactly what the KKK attempted to do - racial cleansing. And for anyone who respects the rights of humans - what Israel is doing is abhorrent (and not only does the US stand firm in its support - it finances all the atrocities).

Israel is always quick to play the "Holocaust" card or the "Anti-Semite" card - yet here is another Israel support network who are able to write such propoganda and spread such Islamophobia! Everything with Israel is a double standard! Do I condone terrorism? NO. Can I see where they are coming from? YES. Israel is no saint either (history has proven that). So why don't you do us all a justice and stop writing such biased pieces? What ever happened to "TRUTH"? Guess it was bought by the highest bidder (Israel) and placed safely in a bank in Tel Aviv!


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