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the border

Jul 19, 2010 17:04

Many years ago all my Arab friends were surprised to see that they did not stand out on either side of the AZ MX border. This went from Libians to SAUDI princes. Also Al Qai 'da

and others have set a goal to convert Mexico as a part of the retaking of al andalus (SPAIN)


Sue Myrick, You are wonderful!

Submitted by Persia Gran-Freeland, Jul 9, 2010 11:05

Sue Myrick is what every one of our congress people should be--a true lover of American Liberty, a staunch believer in the Constitution, and with enough integrity and grit to stand up to Muslim terrorists who are, when pushed back and hit in the jugular vein, back off because they are abject cowards at heart whe are more scared oflosing face than anything else.

I can say this from experience and I won every encounter because I did not hestiate to embarrass in public, I stood my ground in court, and I stood my ground and laughed at the cowardice in their faces. It works. Only this works.

Semper fi! American freedom forever!


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