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Submitted by Dillah, Jul 1, 2010 06:19

Ask Los Angeles Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim why she (and all of her friends) keep demanding that the name Israel be replaced by the name Palestine (she is a Muslim - right?)

Her Koran mentions the name Israel and even devoted a whole chapter to "The Children of Israel", but not once does her Koran ever mention the name Palestine.

Upon what Holy Spiritual Authority does all of Islam demand that the name Palestine be put in place of the name Israel? If any of them say "Allah" - they are liars - according to their own Koran.

Most will not understand the significance of asking such a question - but - Raja Abdulrahim (and all of her friends) will understand - Perfectly!


Journalists Who Lie Lose Credibility

May 21, 2010 22:38

It will be very difficult for the MSM to employ reporters and journalists whose rhetoric smacks of hyperbole, unsubstantiated allegations and propaganda, and which holy book allows for followers/adherents to outright lie to those who do not adhere to their totalitarian ideology.

Words are sacred. Words are the only vessels we have in which to convey truth. If we use words to mislead or deceive, we lose our ability to communicate, and our credibility as communicators.



Submitted by Annonymous, May 17, 2010 14:54

The mass media (and by 2010, less than mass) has so failed to "inform the democracy" that while most, if not all, people cling to the (to my mind) quaint notion that being a well informed citizen is our "best defense" against tyranny (and the like: sharia). The co-opting of America by the "New Left" leaves unanswerable challenges to our nation that neither party nor politician will righteously address. Anyone wishing to debate this should read Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death, Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. When the news becomes entertainment, nobody is "informed". There is no meaning to democracy, now a hollow shell.


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