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Excellent Article with a Significant Ending

Submitted by Nicholus, Mar 5, 2010 18:32

I agree totally with the author as a US Army (PROUD) Christian American Soldier serving in Iraq. The psychological war that the Islamist are doing is written in their doctrine of Sayyid Qutb and others from decades ago. Apparently, some Americans have no idea of the PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) being waged against the West, fortunately many in the US military and IC are not slow to recognze what is being done and we will continue to fight, because their extremist views WILL be their eventual downfall.

*On the 13 dead from Fort Hood. Once I found out that young Soldier was pregnant, I raised the death toll to everyone who would listen that it stood at 14 and not 13. Apparently the media has no problem leaving out the death of a child in fear of upsetting particular groups. If they focused on their values and less what people thought, they would have stated 14 dead in the Fort Hood shooting.



A Remarkably Clear Explanation

Submitted by Michael Mandaville, Nov 20, 2009 12:50

Mark offers extraordinary insight in the collission between Hollywood, pop culture and the vast cultural attacks of Radical Islam. The multicultural mindset does not differentiate between a passive appreciative 'multicultural mentality' and the imposition of 'multiculturalism' that confronts and destroys American values. This article highlights this crucial strategy which seeks to destroy American values of freedom.

Well done, Mark, my friends. Kudos to you.

Michael Mandaville



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