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Submitted by Twana Bawa, Nov 8, 2009 23:18

Why do u Americans always have to stand out? What do u mean by a big influence in the white house? IS OBAMA A MUSLIM? is that what u suggest? THERE IS OVER A BILLION MUSLIMS, are they all extremist?


The true face of CAIR

Submitted by PatriotUSA, Nov 3, 2009 03:05

As it almost always seem to go this way: Radical Islam and groups like CAIR get another free pass, and the MSM picks up CAIR's taqiya and deceit. It is the fear of offending Islam, Muslims and the 'stain' that bring upon those who dare to stand up against Islam and the likes of CAIR, and other related Muslim groups. How quick the MSM is to defend Islam, Muslims from any and all attacks, even when such attacks are proven to be with merit, backed by facts, and the truth.

The word 'pandemic' is used in this article and it fits what is going on quite well. Call this soft or stealth Jihad in my book. Am I wrong? I do not think so. CAIR, the MSA. MB, MSNA most Islamic groups are SILENT on issues and crimes that are now staring to show up here in the USA. Welcome to the world of honor killings, the push for Shariah law, and striking out against any and all criticism of Islam's cult of subjugation, persecution and death. CAIR is silent against the standards that exist with Islam when it comes to women, people of the book(Jews and Christians), and the abuses heaped upon any other religion or culture that refuses to bow down to Islam and the march towards a global caliphate. Look at the stand CAIR took on Rifqa Bary! Now this courageous young woman's life is in very real danger now that she has been forced to return back to Ohio. Let us pray and hope that Rifqa does not become another statistic in the column of honor killings. Islamic groups such as CAIR are stealing our freedom and liberties one lawsuit at a time, brick by brick. Don't htink it can happen here what has been taking place in England and Europe? Think again, folks. Islam has a friend in the White House and many within the Obama administration. The money being funneled into programs promoting Islam as wonderful and peaceful have never had a friend like they do in the White House. Call me, this, alarmist, paranoid, Islamophobic, racist, bring it on. The stench of diversity, multiculturalism run amuck, compounded by far left agendas and policies now entrenched within our education and news media systems that started in the early 1960's has dulled our senses and intelligence. Those who try to balance the reporting of Islam and Islamic groups are usually the ones who are vllified and persecuted, NOT Islam. I see nothing but rough waters ahead. I and others will not remain silent or still. To do so against Islam will be like bleeding to death from a thousand small cuts. This is something we cannot afford to do.


Q'ran and non-Muslims

Submitted by Jsacob T. Chachkes, Nov 2, 2009 17:22

In my reading of the Q'ran I have the impression that Cchrisstians and Jews have the unique position of having one god, and havve the position of being tolerated as second class citizens, when not confronted by 'convert or die'. It seems that the Christian body politic believes that the Jews are the only enemies of the Muslims. History says otherwise. The Muslim conquest of the mediterranean and thrust to Vienna points to the Muslim belief that the entire world should be Muslim AND BE GOVERNED BY SHARIA! If the 'Zionist entity', Israel were to disappear, would peace reign? Would the different sects of thee Muslim world stoop fighting each other? would the Christian and irreligous and Hindu and Buddhist be the next target. The Hindus are already a target in India.


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