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Submitted by Dennis Landry, Jan 27, 2009 09:01

I would like to hear more from Mr. Yates and even more so from Israeli troops who were on the ground in Gaza.

It is and always has been easy to level ideological criticism: It is especially so for anyone who has not faced the confusion, fear and uncertainty of military action. Evidence to that occured just yesterday in The White House briefing with longest serving corrospondent int he room Helen Thomas asked her question this way; 'Why are we sending more troops to Afghanistan.......to, you know, kill more people."

The very idea that some manner of surgical approach to conflict is possible ranges somewhere between inane and insane. Especially so in urban combat where combatants cannot be clearly identified. This was even more so the case in Gaza where Hamas strategically and tactically counted on the presence of civilian human shields To approach a realistic view of the situation is possible but one must dig for it our mainstream media simply will not report it a degree apporopriate to the cirsumstance.

We are faced with "symptoms" reporting such as the situation with the ambulances. It has long been the case that emergency vehicles were used by Palestinians and other insurgent movements to move supplies and troops, there is nothing new here. Any experienced reporter in the region is aware of it and yet nothing deeper than the occurance is reported, despite the long and consistent history of this tactic. The same was the case with UN installations yet the outcry continued unabated.

We need more "push back" from governments, media and organizations such as IPT, Jihad Watch and others. We need to deluge media outlets that do not engage in non ideological reporting. We need to hear from the people on the ground. We need to be smarter and more perceptive. The absence of reasonable analysis and perception carries jeopardy for us all.


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