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The Muslim Brotherhood's narrative of duplicity: CAIR's Islamic message via the Chicago bus on the bridge to nowhere.

Submitted by Josephine Amanda Sabby, Dec 13, 2008 12:18

Never has the art of the deal been more effective than in Mayor Richard M. Daley's cow town. For a small sum (by terrorist standards) of approximately $60,000.00, advertising space for Islam can be purchased. Included in the deal, is the Islamic message of peace and a phone number for the dazed and confused infidels. CAIR has studied American history and the evolution of the civil rights movement with respect to the relevance of the bus as a metaphor: "I'm not going to the back of the bus anymore." The CAIR civil rights message is accomplished by the process spelled out in the Muslim Brotherhood 's recommendation 'to enhance Islam politically in America, and to sabotage their miserable house by their hands.' Gaza Hamas can be proud of their American cousin CAIR, in picking up where HLF left off.


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