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Submitted by KnowonSpecial, Jun 20, 2009 05:19

HEHEHEHEHEH ROFL LOL /wipes tears from eyes HAHAHAHAH /gets a stitch in side from laughing so hard HEHEHEHEH HAHAHHOHOHAHAHAH /has to get paper bag to breathe into - laughing so hard got the hiccups!!

/deep sigh Ok, I am better now, and thank you to ikhwanweb, THAT was the BEST laugh I've had in DAYS!!


folly of believing the deceitful

Submitted by don, Jun 19, 2009 16:36

Aw - come on. We are not fools!

The MB and all its circle of Islamic societies have lied consistently to EVERYONE. You think we are dumb enough to believe you. The lies of those within your circle have been proven and many are quite rightfully behind bars now, where they belong.


MB Reaffirms its Commitment to Peaceful Change, Rejects Violence

Submitted by ikhwanweb, Jun 17, 2009 18:07

In the context of the ongoing Ikhwanphobia campaigns launched against the MB by the rightist Zionist circles in America, the Terrorism Study Center's periodicalpublished a biased analysis in which it accused the MB of possessing a military wing in Egypt. Since this accusation has been repeated recently by certain circles and societies linked with extreme rightisttrends in the United States we would like to clarify the following facts:

The MB is a peaceful society following a reform agenda and believes in democracy, development, and peaceful and gradual reform as the only legitimate means for change.

There is absolutely no such thing as a military wingstemming from the MB society and such accusations being made by the enemies of the MB are only hate-based stereotypes, lies, and distortions.

The MB had previously declared, time and again, their clear and firm condemnation of the acts carried out by violent groups.

The MB also clearly differentiates between legitimate resistance against occupation and terrorism which targets innocent civilians.

We, at Ikhwanweb, believe that the seasonal campaigns launched against the MB in the West are linked with the progressing participation between the MB and the moderate circles in the West and that these campaigns are being managed by suspicious and anti-Islam parties.

We, at Ikhwanweb, despite all the attempts to disseminate a spirit of cultural conflict between Islam and the West, affirm that our path and goals will remain clear and that we will continue to follow them as we will continue to call for dialogue and gap-bridging and raise the voice of moderation



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