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The Investigative Project on Terrorism
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Writings by Andrew E. Harrod

Articles, Reviews

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Title Publication Date
Deceptive Islamist Support for Nigerian Girls (1 comment) Special to IPT News May 9, 2014
Bearing Witness: Survivor Describes Nigerian Islamist Terror Special to IPT News November 27, 2013
Germany and Syria: A Case Study in Jihad (1 comment) Special to IPT News October 30, 2013
European Jihad in Syria (1 comment) Special to IPT News September 6, 2013
Nigeria's Christians Plead for Help Against Islamist Onslaught Special to IPT News July 29, 2013


Book Title Publication Date
Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth about the War We're In (1 comment)
by Robert Spencer
Special to IPT News May 19, 2014