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Please keep-up the good work!

Oct 31, 2013 01:28

Mr. Emerson

Thank you so much for your work and the special INFO you send. I used to use your material when I taught TERRORISM classes at COS. I don't do that any more BUT I still look forward to receiving your work. I archeive it all, refer to it constantly.

I consider you and your organization the best in the business.

I read your work and have been studying for a long time. I become frustrated with those I try to discuss TERRORISM with. So very few have any understanding... I cannot understand such willful ignorance!

A few professions are aware BUT very few. I'm appalled.

Do you think there is much of a chance of Western Civilization surviving much longer?

I hope to meet you, maybe attend a conference where I you speak.

Very best wishes to you and yours,



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