Palestinian Authority Rushes Payment to Terrorist's Family Hours After Attack Kills Father of Four

The Palestinian Authority (PA) rushed to transfer an advance of roughly $3,300 to the family of terrorist Khalil Jabarin, who killed American-Israeli citizen Ari Fuld in a stabbing attack Sunday, Eliran Tal reports for Israel's Channel One News.

Fuld was born in New York before moving to Israel in 1994. He lived in Efrat with his wife and was the father of four children. The PA transfer reportedly occurred hours after the attack, during Fuld's funeral service.

A diplomatic source speaking to Channel One said that "this is an outrageous and angry step by Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], who proves to us all again that his face is not peace or arrangement with Israel but rather the continuation of the armed struggle against us," according to a translation of the original Hebrew-language article.

Palestinian Authority media was quick to paint the terrorist as a young victim. One Official PA daily headline read: "The shooting and wounding of the boy Khalil Jabarin, and his arrest claiming that he killed a settler next to 'Etzion," according to Palestinian Media Watch.

Palestinians often refer to all Israeli civilians as settlers in order to justify their murder.

Fuld managed to shoot the terrorist before succumbing to his injuries at Jerusalem's Shaare Zedek Medical Center. Jabarin is being treated in a hospital and is in fair condition.

The Jabarin family reportedly notified the Palestinian security forces of the terrorist's plans to carry out an attack at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. However, the security forces were unable to find him.

His family received a generous advance from the PA and will continue being paid a salary for Jabarin's deadly attack.

This is another example of the Palestinian Authority glorifying and promoting terrorism by paying significant sums of money to Palestinian terrorists and their families. Payments to released prisoners and jailed Palestinians are based on the length of a prison sentence, which is a function of their action's severity. The more brutal the attack or murder, the more money a Palestinian prisoner gets. Based on historical precedent, Jabarin's cold blooded stabbing could lead to more generous payments. The PA will likely continue paying a salary for his deadly attack.

This practice is one of the main reasons why the Trump administration has taken specific measures against the Palestinian Liberation Organization in recent weeks. On Monday, the administration revoked residency permits for the family of the PLO's envoy to the United States and reportedly shut down all PLO bank accounts in the country. The White House announced the closure of the PLO office in Washington last week.