USA v. Bickford, Trevor
New York, NY


Trevor Thomas Bickford was charged in January 2023 with federal crimes in connection with his efforts to wage jihad by killing U.S. Government officials and his knife attack on three NYPD officers in Times Square on New Year's Eve. Bickford was charged by complaint with attempting to kill officers and employees of the U.S. Government and persons assisting them. He is currently in state custody and will be transported to and presented in Manhattan federal court at a later date to face the federal charges filed in the Southern District of New York. To carry out his jihadist mission, Bickford traveled from Maine to New York City in late December. On New Year's Eve, Bickford went to Times Square for the purpose of killing U.S. Government officials, armed with a large, curved knife similar to a machete, known as a kukri, with a blade over one foot long.

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