People of the State of New York v. Bickford, Trevor
New York, NY


Trevor Bickford was shot in the shoulder during a New Year's rampage as he allegedly shouted "Allahu Akhbar" while wielding a curved 18-inch kukri knife. Bickford was arraigned on charges of attempted murder, assault and attempted assault. If convicted, he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Bickford of Wells, Maine, carried out what a senior police official told ABC News was a terror attack likely motivated by Islamic extremism. "I wanted to kill an officer in uniform," Bickford allegedly told police, according to the criminal complaint. "I saw the officer and waited until he was alone. I said 'Allahu Akbar.' I walked up and hit him over the head with a kukri. I charged another officer but dropped the knife and I tried to get the police officer's gun but couldn't."