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Mr. West is right

Submitted by Keenen Altic, Feb 16, 2011 22:24

Mr. Bennett,

If a second tier court is unconstitutional then Gitmo is definately unconstitutional. Military tribunals just make up whatever makes them look good. At Gitmo you're guilty untill proven innocent and the only thing that can prove your innocense is classified. Do you call that justice? I call that un-American.



Submitted by bobbi joan bennett, Jan 28, 2009 23:16

Mr. West,

Perhaps, the lack of utilization of such a court was not due to political correctness, but to a recognition by our political leadership that a second tier court system would be unconstitutional and a threat as severe as Islamofascism. Gitmo was a far better solution than this. While I agree that non-citizen terrorists are not entitled to the full gamut of civil rights we enjoy in this country, I think if we try them on our own soil, we open Pandora's box and risk tyranny. If we lose our basic rights and liberties, the terrorists win.


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