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New Danish Book Draws Jihadist Ire

Submitted by Johanna, Dec 7, 2008 08:35

I remember when a Muslim Minister from Uttar Pradesh, India, set a bounty of 1,000,000 Dollars on the head of the cartoonist's life. My protest to the Indian Ambassador in Berlin, Germany, as well as to the German Foreign Minister resulted in no replies.

The aim of these Islamists is to shut down freedom of speech in any country and terrorize the people who stand up for our values, including free speech. Their final aim is to have Islam as the world religion and install a caliphat.

I do not understand that European countries--Denmark in this case--let in more and more "refugees" and asylum seekers from Islamic countries who, once here, fight against our culture and demand the installation of Islamic values.

Just today, there was a report again on Muslims (Somalis) in Denmark who go back to their home country for Koran and terror training.


Denmark should revoke their permit of staying in Denmark immediately!


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