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Time for socialists in canada to wake up

Submitted by doug, Aug 31, 2009 00:55

as in my title it is time that socialists in canada wake up and see what is happening. 2 world wars were faught by our forefathers for OUR freedom. we must not give this away, it would be a disrespect to anyone who was in these wars. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!


This is simply a redo of the European playbook

Submitted by Lori, Oct 15, 2008 14:19

An examination of European politics will disclose that everything that has been said above has already occurred in some form or another in Europe. A couple of days ago Sarkozy has called for teaching of arabic and arabian culture in the French educational system.

I can only hope that people here wake up before we find ourselves in the same mess that England and France and most European countries are dealing with.



Submitted by Maureen H., Oct 14, 2008 22:57

What a fabulous piece! Unfortunately, the story that it tells is quite depressing. Please continue to include more information about the Islamist situation in Canada. Perhaps it will help wake us up down here.


At Last Waking UP

Submitted by Kate Sullivan, Oct 14, 2008 16:08

Thank you for this information. I will be sharing it with all my friends who have been asleep here in the U.S. Your site is the first one I check each day.


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