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CAIR Double Standards

Submitted by Dave Gaubatz, Oct 7, 2008 19:42

Great article. CAIR demands people/organizations stop using such words as radical, fundamentalist, Islamic terrorists, yet have no problem issuing Press Releases calling Mr. Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Michael Savage and myself names such as Bigot, Racist, and Muslim Haters. CAIR routinely labels people with these names simply because articles based on fact are critical of CAIR. CAIR does not need evidence to support their 'name calling', yet demand only they be allowed to use the First Amendment. Sorry Hooper, Saylor, and Awad, but the threat of law suits only stops people and organizations who have even the slightest of respect for your organization. CAIR no more 'cares' for the Muslim people than they do for Mr. Emerson or myself. They have victimized more Muslims in the last year than most people realize. During the upcoming Intelligence Summit (22/23 Oct 08) more details about the fraud by CAIR officials and other offenses will be brought forward. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz www.kidsandterrorism.com


CAIR-Hamas: Identical DNA, Identical Mission of Sabotage and Destruction of the United States and Israel

Submitted by 'Jo' navajocodetalker, Sep 29, 2008 16:24

CAIR has effectively infiltrated the mainstream media, and the radical left Nakba churches with an admonition of rank equivalence related to other 'prominent civil rights organizations.' Emboldened by this false pretext, CAIR has managed to back-door-maneuver itself into a good relationship with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Step One has been accomplished without any bloodshed. Step Two is a little more complicated for the CAIR-Hamas infiltration and demolition development team. The frontal attack on the American courts is at hand, with the United States Supreme Court as the final destination.


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