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This IMAM creates unstable familise which is the perfect breeding ground to be a suicide bomber

Submitted by Adam, Mar 12, 2014 09:53

That is the sad truth. This IMAM who enjoys his family of six kids knows (his brother in law after all was in Hamas) that children from families that their parents treat them very badly are the perfect place to recruit. Rather then help the poor child or young adult and tell their parents or the single mom to stop treating their child so badly instead they use the child's desperation and depression and having no purpose in this world to commit suicide bombings since they see their own father being abused badly and see no purpose in this world. Horrible evil as Qatanani hides behind adult women but cares nothing about children and uses our own immorality of putting adult women before children against us to create an environment that young men would be more likely to kill themselves not because of the USA or Israel but because of their own horrible life partly created by this lowlife named Qatanani. He is creating extremism by trying to use women to silence any Arab who doesn't agree with his extremism.


He may be at the level of what the USA have come to sadly.

Submitted by adam, Feb 18, 2014 21:29

Imam Qatanani is a low life and clearly a liar this IMAM who is not a man of God but a man who plays vile political games. In the you tube video of his deportation hearings Rabbi Dovid Weiss of Jews not Zionist is his supporter this "Rabbi" is considered a traitor by almost all Jews. In the you tube video of Qatanani documentary yes some police do support Qatanani but this is only because he supports the secular views of Domestic Violence that in any family problem between a man and a woman the man is 100% to blame. WAFA house uses our feminist secular version of Domestic Violence and this is a great way to terrorize men who may disagree with your positions. YOu can try to convince the wife to get a divorce and all you have to do is claim you are abused. This IMAM should know since he claims he was abused by Israel even though this likely is not the case as Israel had good reason to arrest him in the first place. If he truly was abused he would not ask others and tell women to make false claims of abuse to get rid of their husband. Leo McGuire the corrupt police officer of NJ supports this IMAM and this is because he obviously enjoys throwing men out of the home as some crooked police aren't respected by other men and their anger that other men don't respect them causes them to behave in this immoral way.


This proves nothing

Submitted by Salah, Nov 12, 2009 02:22

This article proves nothing.

If you are truly and sincerely interested in doing good journalism work, why don't you go visit the Imam Qatanani and find out who he actually is before you level all these accusations against him.

Also, go and ask the police, ministers, rabbis, government and community that Imam Qatanani interacts with to get a feel for this person.

I have met him and I have to say that he is a model American person. Who works very hard to bring communities together.


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