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Submitted by Doc, Jun 7, 2010 21:01

This is a joke of an article. Please do not take words out of context or interpret comments to sway opinion. This is a poor piece of writing and I hope anyone with a bit of intelligence can see through the numerous fallacies used to portray a paranoid perspective.


good article

Submitted by Benyamin Solomon, Mar 17, 2009 21:51

This is a good article showing how western journalists are duped by these "mainstream" Muslim figures and groups like CAIR and MSA. MSA comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, as shown in this article. CAIR comes from the Hamas front the Islamic Association of Palestine [IAP]. Hamas is the Palestinian faciton of the Islamo-Fascist Muslim Brotherhood.

This is a good article that exposes the truth.


Infiltrating these groups, such as MSA is the only answer

Submitted by Philip Topps, Dec 4, 2008 14:41

It is my sincere hope that these groups are being infiltrated by agents, and their leaders monitored, as they represent a clear and present danger, working to expand their influence among impressionable young minds. They WILL find receptive, disgruntled "students" to follow.

At that age, I, too, was against almost everything that represented "authority". However, I drew the line at wishing the downfall of the country. I had heard all of the pro-soviet diatribes on campus, and was aware of the genesis of these discourses. Later, as an officer in the US Army, studied the impact and effects of the known presence of KGB ops on the college campus.

Today, the risks are greater, as MSA and other such groups are more disposed to the use of violence than even the groups such as the Weathermen and Weather Underground of the '60s and 70's were. As yet they have not, appaarnetly, acted on the rhetoric, but it may only be a matter of time.

In Viet Nam, we had out sources on information from agents inside the VC organizations, which aided our capability in the plans of that organization.

Today, the stakes HERE in America, are greater. After the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, the clear message was ignored by the Clinton administration. The result was, ultimately, 9/11, not to mention other attacks in other parts of the world.

We cannot stand idly by, and turn a blind eye, or ear, to radical islamic, or any other group, which has as a goal, the destruction of this country.


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