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CAIR is protecting Radicle Islamist's !!!!

Jul 21, 2016 16:27

CAIR is protecting Radicle Islamist's !!!!


Moderate Moslems will lose

Submitted by Carl Goldberg, Jul 15, 2016 21:08

Moderate Moslems, however sincere they may be about wanting to drive jihad out of Islam, will always lose to the jihadists and Islamists because jihad is in the Koran, and the Koran is considered untouchable and sacrosanct even by the moderate Moslems, themselves. The Islamic doctrines, which even the moderates acknowledge as sacred, prohibit reform of any sort. None of the moderates will discuss those sacred passages in the Koran and the hadith which command Moslems to wage jihad until Islam rules the world. They have no plan for reform. Dr. Jasser, for example, likes to present himself as a reformer, but he has no plan for reform, and neither do the others. It is not enough to prate about liberty and freedom, about separation of mosque from state, about Sharia being optional and so on. Those are just empty words. Why is it that none of these would-be reformers has ever opened a Reform Mosque? What's stopping them? What is stopping them is the Koran. You cannot have a mosque without the Koran, and the Koran contains all those core principles of Islam which the would-be reformers say they are against.


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