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Shame on us - this woman was wronged by the country she loves and protected - more that most men

Jun 6, 2010 19:55

i am a farm born white idiot from the land of "OZ" (Kansas) and the way this woman & patroit has been treated is shameful - BLESS you lovely Nadia


shoddy investigative work

Submitted by mik, Jun 6, 2010 19:52

I guess I should expect the FBI to come to my door...when i was 19 I too broke the law (I was a sophmore in college and drank beer, which was illegal for anyone under 21)...sadly this must prove that 30 years later I am a terrorist.

Just amazingly shoddy investigation; I don't feel very safe knowing that such agents are on the job (hopefully they have now retired to make room for real law enforcement officers)


The USA owes Nada Prouty her citizenship back immediately

Submitted by T. Baker, May 24, 2010 03:40

Nada has done more for this country than most native born citizens ever has or will. She deserves to have her citizenship reinstated, and reputation rectified immediately back to that of which she earned 1000 times over, a True American Patriot..



Yes,the CIA is stupid

Submitted by Dave, Mar 29, 2010 00:19

I was an L3 speaker of Arabic and Viet vet who interviewed with the CIA in the 80s. I am neither Jewish nor Muslim, and also not married to any Middle Eastern person or anybody connected to Israel. So, no leverage right? Oh my, I admitted to smoking dope in the Army, so I am suspect and couldn't get a job with the FBI either since I was so honest. My MA was also a study of the use of tribal soldiers in insurgencies. So let's stop "guessing" why the FBI and CIA constantly get surprised over and over with agents spying for Israel and assorted ME countries. And, in case anybody thinks I am biased, Sibel Edmonds got railroaded by the DOJ for naively turning over evidence of Americans selling out for money. Bribery works very well. I would love to work as an Arabic translator and even volunteered to work in Baghdad before I retired from the federal government--but the State Department lost my application-request, even though only about six out of 1,000 employees speak Arabic. We are losing this war against Muslim extremism due to lazyness, incompetence, corruption and stupidity.


an Injustice done

Submitted by Jim, Mar 28, 2010 21:50

If the FBI had more they would have produced it. The FBI spends serious amounts of time putting together cases. So, in her case, if they had anything serious, they would have prosecuted on that information. But, all they have is an old fraudulent marriage case. How lame. After the fighting she has done and the kudos from the CIA, she should get her citizenship.


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Shame on us - this woman was wronged by the country she loves and protected - more that most men [30 words]


Jun 6, 2010 19:55

shoddy investigative work [77 words]


Jun 6, 2010 19:52

The USA owes Nada Prouty her citizenship back immediately [42 words]

T. Baker 

May 24, 2010 03:40

Yes,the CIA is stupid [193 words]


Mar 29, 2010 00:19

an Injustice done [65 words]


Mar 28, 2010 21:50

BS from DC trying to make a name without facts [23 words]

Anger at DOJ 

Mar 28, 2010 20:09

The CIA, FBI, DoD, DHS, etc are hiring Muslims [574 words]


Jan 24, 2010 11:14

CIA - FBI : Are they that stupid!!! We have American citizens here who have no criminal record at all and still cannot get a security clearence. But a non-born US citizen with connections and associates to a terrorist organization is able to? [23 words]


Sep 10, 2009 01:34

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