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We can only hope and pray

Submitted by Valiant, Jun 23, 2016 12:40

If Donald Trump keeps his word(s) about leaving no American in or out of uniform behind, then the demands DEMANDS for their release should begin now!


Treason by any other name

Submitted by Alan P. Halbert, Jun 19, 2016 10:21

Let's be honest Obama has and is committing treason and destroying our intelligence assets and agents is a primary weapon for his blatant treasonous against this nation...

He rewards Iran with 150 billion dollars to commit destruction and mayhem, supports the release of terrorist from GITMO and wants to disarm the American to prostrate this nation before Islam, with Ben Rhodes crowing about the deception of the nation.

We certainly deserve better...

In Liberty


Check your premises

Submitted by Doug Mayfield, Jun 17, 2016 20:46

Thank you for the article. But Obama's priorities are only absurd if one assumes that he values America as a free country and wishes to see us to continue to live free and well.

In fact, I believe Obama hates and fears freedom and individual rights and does his best to destroy them wherever he finds them, both here in America and around the world.

My evidence?

Every single action which Obama and his appointed cronies have taken since Obama assumed office. Particularly his enthusiastic embrace of vicious murdering tyrants, Castro and Chavez and their followers, as well as crude Middle Eastern Islam driven dictators.

But you right. America certainly deserves better.


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