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Thank you

Submitted by Glenn, Mar 5, 2016 07:04

Thank you for this work Scott. We need people investigating this sickening behavior of our government.



Submitted by Miss Trixie, Mar 4, 2016 13:16

It is easier to savage a civilization than to civilize a savage.

Europe is finding this out now and unfortunately it's much too late for them. Canada is next because our PM Useful Idiot, le petit dauphin (with that hair OMG he's sooooo cute!) has determined that he's going to open OUR doors much, MUCH wider because :

"... there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded."

That's right. Savages murder, bomb, rape, torture, slaughter and attack because they've been EXCLUDED and their feelings have been hurted.

G*d help Canada because we're going to get hit and hit hard.


No surprise here, even for Canadians

Submitted by Ron, Mar 4, 2016 09:09

I think the writer misunderstands the new Canadian mood. Canadians voted out the government that supported Israel and voted in the one that supported the Palestinians. They are getting no surprise here; they are getting precisely the policy they wished for.


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