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Be careful in your condemnations

Submitted by Abigail R. Esman, Feb 27, 2016 00:26

@Rosaline - As the author of this piece, I am afraid I have to take issue with some of your remarks. Yes, it is true that ISIS members are possibly among the refugees. And yes, it is true that child marriage has a long history in Islam. However, some of your statements are simply factually wrong, including your statements about child marriage being unique to Islam. In fact, it is not. Child marriages take place in the United States at the rate of several hundred per year, many of them among Catholics.

I will not address the question of whether or not there is morality in Islam. I think there are enough Muslims, like Malala, for instance, who can speak to that themselves. But I will say that painting entire religions and people with a broad brush is the kind of thinking that leads to more hate and destruction, and that's the last thing we need in these times.


Child marriage and Islam

Submitted by Rosaline Costa, Feb 26, 2016 23:12

Child marriage and Islam go inseparably as it is the foundation of Islam. Anyone can see in the internet (google) the number of wives Muhammad had during his lifetime and also can see their ages. You can see, he married a 6 year old girl (Miriam) and Muhammad waited for three years to use her sexually. We don't wonder when we see the 40 year old husband and 9 year old wife. It is only possible in Islam. Previously in Hinduism also it was a culture but in course of time, they changed. In Hinduism, there was a practice of "plate marriage" which means when the bride and groom were small children, the parents liked to have them marriage but they had to sit on the plate and marry.

In Islam, no real morality or human values are there. They have always despised the Western concept of civilization. Muslims especially in South Asia have always hated and criticized Western civilization and even democracy and human rights concept. They always see in a negative view the western culture and looked at the women in a degrading manner.

In this case of child marriage by IS is not a new thing. The west especially all those countries that are accepting and sheltering the Muslims from Syria, Afghanistan or from any Muslims majority countries should be careful in accepting the refugees as many ISIS members are entering those countries in disguise. Today you today you feel compassion for the refugees but accepting these so-called refugees you are causing dangers for your whole country and citizens. In short time they will show their true nature and then you will be minority and helpless before the "today's refugees" whom you have shown compassion and mercy and love.


Developed nations will not be able to deal with these issues, instead, their nations will turn into third world cess pools

Submitted by Mindy, Feb 26, 2016 21:37

The root of the problem is islam, period. Developed nations cannot deal with the issues and the horrors of islam. These "refugees" will turn developed non islamic nations into 3'rd worrld islamic cess pools. That is the nature of the beast.


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