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It take openess on both sides to make honest debate if the issues.

Submitted by an American, Dec 20, 2015 21:51

I can willingly have a conversation with M. zuhdi Jasser. I have heard him speak and he is willing to have a discussion. I do wish he had not put "for Democracy" in the title of his organization. The U.S.A. has a democratic election process but it is a Republic not a democracy which equates to mob rule which lacks the Freedoms in the Bill of Rights.

I could not have a similar conversation with CAIR or Muslim Brotherhood people because their politcal positions are not in keeping with our Constitution. While we have strayed some from those princples, true Americans, no matter what religion they may have will always fight for those principles. We are willing to let others have their religions but they must not force use to accept their public participation. Anyone coming here must follow our laws as laid out by our Constitution.

Unlike their style of religion they want to kill those that do not give them more rights than anybody else. We have always welcomed other people, within reason for the good of our nation and if they show respect for our country and our laws. We expect you to assimilate; that does not mean you have be exactly like us but one can't go around plotting to destroy our county or kill people because they are not Muslim.

Otherwise, don't come for we will not allow you to change our way of life. We have personal freedoms of choice we will not give up and we have the right to say so. Hopefully it is done respectfully if it offends you, then you can chose to have nothing more to do with them but you don't kill some body because you are offended, Besides being offended is a two way street. The giver has to intend to offend and the receiver has to accept an offense for one to exist.



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