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Two types of 'extremist, radical' on offer?

Submitted by Arby, Jul 21, 2016 03:08

Site owners: I can't register. I have to subscribe? What is this? You know very well that 'subscribe' involves, in some form, payment for access. If that's not the case here, then Why the misdirection? I wanted to 'register' because your copy & paste feature is disabled. Slow us down eh?


"On a more general scale, Europe's schools rarely emphasize humanistic,secular values in their curricula, yet Islamic schools, many with radical viewpoints, continue to proliferate."

But that's what the West's alternative to Erdogan is! Gulen Fathullah, a Turkish Moslem in self-imposed exile in the US, is being groomed to step into Erdogan's shoes (sooner or later, apparently). I have no use for either of those men (and their backers and supporters), because I'm human and they're not. Are you choosing sides Abigail and IPT News? There's three sides here. There's 1.The people, 2. Erdogan and finally 3. the US and Fathullah Gulen. To the extent that the Turkish people want any of those options, and what those agents want, I don't want them. I will only support the people - when they're supportable.

Tonight, I learned a lot from Sibel Edmonds about who the players are in the failed coup in Turkey that happened a few days ago. And I was surprised when it turned out that I hadn't been hearing much about this Gulen from my precious alternative media. Then I was surprised again, when I re-watched a Corbett Report show that I had watched, and bookmarked, some time ago. The alt media hadn't failed completely, it seems. I had just forgotten things. And that's not mysterious. Fathullah Gulen had come up for a mention by Sibil in this older Corbett Report show that looked at the CIA's asset, Graham Fuller. The focus of that earlier Corbett show report was on Fuller, who I do remember, rather than Gulen. And until now, Gulen was off my radar to the point where I had forgotten about him. The alt media generally has fallen down in that there was no mention of Gulen's background (by the sources I had read, and I read around regularly) in recent coverage of the failed coup.

But dots are connecting. Graham Fuller, quite in sync with neocon thinking (and he may be a student of Strauss for all I know), believes that religion can be used by the owners and rulers of the world against the people. Marx believed that religion is the opiate of the people, but he cared about the people - to an extent. Leo Strauss believed that religion is the opiate of the people, but is of the view that the 1% and it's tools should use that 'addiction' to their (1%'s) advantage. Give the people their fix and use that addiction to manipulate them. Graham Fuller, supporter of Fathullah Gulen, holds that view.

Please view the Corbett Report show in which Sibil discusses Graham Fuller at the Corbett Report dot com. And see her most recent interview, about the failed coup in Turkey, with James Corbett on the same website.


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