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"Elections have consequences"

Submitted by Go Fish, Aug 20, 2015 23:41

"Elections have consequences" ... BHO ... More than 50% of the US population receives some sort of entitlement from the govt. Nothing else holds a candle to that leverage. BHO was elected because he promised more and spread the fear that his opponent would not even protect what already existed. Given that mindset ideologue/ manipulator like BHO has free reign. All he has to do is fuel fear.


BHO .. the UN .. my country the USA

Submitted by E. X. Pat, Aug 20, 2015 22:04

I have come to the conclusion that the BHO administration and its arm at the UN and the State Department and the Justice department do not, I repeat do not act in my best interests -- short and long term.

There domestic policies threaten mine and all citizens present and future abilities to not only hold our present status of 'who we are' but our future status as to 'who we can become' ..

Their foreign policies, middle east, east and south China seas, and the 'I will watch your back' agreement's with Taiwan, Philippines and Japan [ tenuous as the may be ] are invitations to others to act ---

The USA gleefully supports a rise in Japans rising militaristic embrace --

Iran will truly become a BHO legacy issue -- and a continuous real time issue and debate --


A total folly

Submitted by Andrew H, Aug 19, 2015 23:07

People with any intelligence don't go skating on paper thin ice, or walk unarmed in a jungle or make agreements with Hitler or Stalin or an Ayatollah. All the details of this or any other agreement are boring and idiotic. They did the right thing when they instituted sanctions and they needed to continue them and increase them. The only way to deal with an Iran is from a position of strength - no negotiations - you give them your terms and you have to be prepared to fly in and bomb them. Israel handled it so simply when Saddam tried to build nuclear bombs. They flew in, destroyed his facilities and flew out without a single casualty.


Iranian Nuclear Self-Inspection Obama's Best Deal

Submitted by Jack, Aug 19, 2015 18:28

i can't imagine why the P5+1 bothered to show up to negotiate. They could have wrapped this up on a conference call with Iran in 10 minutes by telling them we agree to everything. Allegedly in 2011 before negotiations President Obama sent a secret personal letter to the Ayatollah telling him we would agree to full enrichment that this is their right. It seems to have melted away in the Press. Now with no outside verifiable inspections, sanctions removal, Iran has what they wanted legitimacy. We've now created the monster that may consume us or kill a great many.


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