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Thanks for making her known

Submitted by William Geller, Feb 3, 2017 08:52

I've never known about her but I see hate is still alive and well in CAIR and lo and behold, tied to "Palestinians" (quotes intended). When someone from the very organization that sponsors pro-Islamic events and hijacks a Women's March for a Sharia platform, shows their true colors of racism, genocide, manipulation of facts, and claims victimhood, you know this is a real problem for America. CAIR is playing the Liberal sheep well....and the battle is just beginning.


Lamis Deek

Submitted by Jack, Jul 17, 2015 19:07

It appears Ms Deek is trained in the Art of Propaganda to some degree. When she has no defense she attacks to set you off kilter and put you on the defensive. It makes no difference, since truth wins out in the end although sometimes it seems like an eternity waiting.Actions do speak louder than words and the envisioned Islamic Jihad that is modeled after that of the MuslIm Brotherhood wIll by Its very nature eventually become inexplicable for CAIR. They under estimate the strength, conviction of faith, and disdain for outsiders telling them they're idiots and have been living under a terrible government for 280+ years. This is why people cross deserts or hide in wheel wells of planes to come here.


Good on you!

Submitted by Sarah, Jul 14, 2015 01:27

What a stupid woman! Good for outing her!


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