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Love it1

Submitted by Francine Epstein, Jun 9, 2015 16:28

This is exactly why I quit reading a whole lot of major newspapers. . .


thank goodness

Submitted by vickie, May 15, 2015 21:57

thank goodness there are still a few people with the common sense (all to uncommon) to see the truth and speak out. May God bless you, Vickie


Catch 22 or pathetic fallacy

May 15, 2015 20:29

So, the Western tolerance which we adhered to for generations has led us into the Catch- 22 of giving the most ideological [next to current fascist collectivism] a strong foothold. I for one am glad that we are waking up.

Even the "sleepers" were able to "think" about it after SNL "Yawn, no way would anybody be killed for making a sketch of a historical figure. Haha, what a spoof" The other responds, "No Ernie, they say it could actually happen." Ernie [back to sleep], "I still say it's gotta be a spoof."

So now at tthe least there is aq discourse... of course not yet, probably never, from the White House.


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