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Europe you better listen...

Submitted by Terry Trent, Dec 30, 2014 17:12

Europe and the UK and every Country, Israel is now going to a full (Religious) Government Party and returning to God. I want Europe and the UK to know that we are Tribal Nomads, we are 100% brothers the Israel. The new Law is (Love y The Stranger) and all of the UK and Europe in whole better realize the Jews are our brothers and the hate must be stopped because it is unjustified and wrong. Israel is changing permanently and you need to respect this. We are healing all old Wounds and making a brighter future and I need your support in this... Thank you, I am Anglo Saxon, yes thats right Europe. You will defend the Jews and end the hatred.



Submitted by Linda Rivera, Dec 30, 2014 09:48

"Returnees receive generous handouts in the form of government assistance in finding homes and jobs, or tuition aid in order to continue their education…"

Like a mother hen fiercely defending her chicks, Denmark's ruling elites engulfs their adored bloodthirsty Muslim returnees with unconditional love and lots and lots of tender care. Enticing Muslims with many rewards to join in the barbarism, savage murders, satanic atrocities and sex slave taking of innocents.

The bloodthirsty monsters are delighted with Denmark's leaders enthusiastic support and massive encouragement of their dedication to total evil. So many wonderful incentives to wage violent jihad… How can Muslims refuse the offer?


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