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I can't prove it but...

Submitted by Dafna Yee, Oct 24, 2014 17:01

From his other actions and previous orders to the FBI that they MUST AVOID USING RELIGION WHEN SEARCHING FOR TERRORIST RECRUITERS, SUCH AS CHECKING MOSQUES, as well as his not well hidden devotion to Hamas, the PA/PLO, and the Muslim Brotherhood, I think it very clear that the orders to halt the Facebook search CAME DIRECTLY FROM OBAMA!!!!


Censorship by the backdoor

Submitted by Edward Cline, Oct 23, 2014 00:14

The Obama administration, and especially the Attorney General's office (aka, Eric Holder), has become "expert" in stonewalling any investigations into its domestic and foreign policies that might embarrass it or compromise it, vis-a-vis anything connected with Israel. When I say "expert," I mean that is the administration's initial response, but if the stonewalling appears elsewhere (but not in the MSM), it's not so "expert" in back-pedaling or covering its tracks. The recent revelation that this administration spiked any and all requests for continued shipments from the U.S. of vital weapons components to Israel during the recent dust-up with Hamas is a disgraceful instance of its anti-Israel policy. So, the news contained in Mr. Emerson's article here concerning Facebook comes as no surprise to me. After all, this administration is also anti-American, which should come as no surprise to anyone, either. .


The liars of hamas

Submitted by Jimbo, Oct 22, 2014 21:43

hamas, and these terrorists, lie constantly, where I come from, liearts are outcast, to myself, and millions, hamas is evil incarnate, and will eventually be destroyed from the face of the earth, unless they join the civilized nations. time, is running out.


Thanks for your coverage of this very disturbing issue

Submitted by NancyB, Oct 22, 2014 18:16

Thank-you very much for covering this issue. I too believe that answers as to who revoked the court's authority to obtain the information from the Facebook account requires a full and transparent response so that all can know WHY this horrible decision was made.


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