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Submitted by REV ARTHUR MARTINEZ, Oct 25, 2014 11:56

As an American I am so ashamed of the do nothing to aid Israel. How many times has our president been to Israel in 4 years?

To the majorrity of Americans they are number one ally in the world. I forgot on just about all issues this country is split 50/50 un real!

I pray daily for Israel and donate when I can to there people.

We are living in the end times, time for Americans to blow the dust off there family bibles and read in the end times because we are.

May God Bless Israel and all of its people forever. You are number one in my heart and soul forever!


You've got the wrong guilty party

Submitted by In the Room, Oct 18, 2014 19:59

The real culprit here is Facebook, whose attorneys obviously told them to deny the request.

The MLAT that currently exists between Israel and the US for criminal matters did not apply to this matter. Even though the Second Circuit in 2013 rejected a defendant's Fourth Amendment challenge to evidence obtained from foreign authorities pursuant to an MLAT request, holding that the exclusionary rule only applies to foreign evidence where there is U.S. control or direction of the foreign investigation, an intent to evade the Constitution, or where the foreign agency's actions shock the judicial conscience Hamas is not a government and Facebook is a private corporation.

While it may be that public pressure should have been brought against Facebook, unfortunately it is unlikely that this would have saved Sgt. Oron.


The True Face of Liberalism in America

Submitted by CoolHand, Oct 18, 2014 07:44

With "friends" like these, Israel has all the enemies it needs.

Barack Obama is the tough lover who will not enable Israel any longer. He chose Shaul Oron's mother as his first victim.

As a father of children, he should do whatever he can to bring closure to this grieving family, but instead chooses to have a pissing contest with Bibi Netanyahu.

Way to go Mr. President. Urah!


Influenced by John Kerry

Submitted by Denise, Oct 17, 2014 09:17

This terrible decision tracks well with John Kerry blaming Israel for ISIS. We can only imagine what else our admin is doing against Israel that we have yet to know or uncover. These interagency powerbrokers in the Obama admin clearly have an agenda and includes some nasty players.


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