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Mr Galloway

Oct 10, 2014 07:18

George Galloway has shown time and again he is a Jew hating anti-semite. His open support and funding of a genocidal, homophobic and racist regime is nothing short of scandalous. Remember, Hamas charter calls for 'Death to all Israelis and Jews'

He deserves to be charged with incitement to racial hatred and racism.

A note to Galloway; Zero Jews in Gaza. 2million muslims (and 1 million christians) in Israel. So which is the apartheid state? BAN ANTISEMITISM


money for terrorist

Submitted by wm smith, Oct 1, 2014 13:21

the U.S. and U.S. banks have been proving Israel with money for its land grab and other human rights crimes for decades. the Israel occupation has been financed by the U.S.. we even supply many of the weapons used to kill women and children. THE POT CALLING ....................


financing terrorists

Submitted by Lutz Barz, Sep 24, 2014 05:15

then the whole of the Middle East is complicit including Israel. I await the outcome to bring sanity to this part of the world.


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