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Spot On

Sep 23, 2014 12:53

you got it in 1.He is the worst President in living memory.


Israel's Warnings Are Not Heeded by Obama Who Only Heeds His Own Voice

Submitted by Bill Narvey, Sep 20, 2014 13:06

Alster's piece well explains Israel's justified concerns over the Obama led P5+1 interim agreement, voiced before the deal was signed and since. Predictions that lifting sanctions on Iran would only serve to strengthen Iran and commensurately weaken whatever leverage the West might otherwise have had on Iran to both enforce the P5+1 deal and ultimately force Iran to abandon her WMD agenda.

Add to that while the P5+1 deal did not deal with Iran's terror sponsorship and hegemonic ambitions that also threatened Israel and the region, had Obama led the West to press its economic advantage by not just keeping sanctions, but threatening more if Iran did not abide by the P5+1 deal, the West would have been in a much better position to heavily influence Iran on those scores as well.

Recent speeches by Obama and military witnesses at investigative hearings on ISIS makes clear that the reason Obama has no strategy to deal with ISIS is because he has rejected the advice of the Pentagon that U.S. ground troops must be part of the strategy if that strategy has any chance of destroying ISIS. Recent advice from former Sec. of State Clinton and former Def. Sec. Panetta reveal that they had counseled Obama to keep a force of about 25K in Iraq as the Pentagon recommended, but their advice too was rejected.

As commander in chief, Obama does of course have the authority to over rule the advice of his experts in military and intelligence.

One would hope that a president would have the wisdom and common sense to know that his advisers would have been chosen because they had greater knowledge and expertise in their fields of endeavor and their advice should be accorded the respect and consideration it deserves before rejecting same. One would expect of their president that if he rejects his advisers' advice, that he has good reason beyond his own political interests for so doing and can and does make his case to his electorate for his decisions .

Sadly, America does not get that kind of president in Obama. His every decision is weighed and calculated not by objective realities, facts and best advice from his advisers, but according to what he perceives his own personal and political interests are and those of his party when those party interests happen to mesh with his own.

Obama fails to make a compelling case for his obstinate refusal to take advice from his advisers and to respond to reality as opposed to shaping his decisions and policies based on what he wants reality to be which fits his ideology, world view and political biases.

Obama fails in that regard because increasing numbers of Americans are coming out of their pro-Obama mesmerized fog and seeing that almost invariably Obama's policies fail domestically and on the world stage because Obama's efforts to shape reality to his own views are dashed by the very realities that Obama refuses to recognize and deal with.


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