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Submitted by James Leavy, Sep 22, 2014 17:54

GOD himself chose ISRAEL as HIS people, ISRAEL is the apple of his eye. Anyone who is against ISRAEL ,according to GOD, is against him, ST PAUL states the same in Romans 2-9-10, he says 1st the JEW in everything, then the gentile ( no mention of Muslims ). SO I'll always give my faviour to GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE , EVERYTIME. I'm not interested in any religion that BEHEADS one who refuses to follow it. And to think these people have the audisity to compare ISRAEL TO HITLER.. THEY ARE A SHAME TO MANKIND..


Turkey's Failed Experiment With Democracy

Submitted by Michael Fox, Sep 20, 2014 17:59

And why would anyone be surprised? Contrary to an inter-generational anti Israel US State Department , in collusion with the Obama/Kerry Executive Branch tag team of the US government who has recently embarked on a policy to inoculate all of Islam from an image of radical psychopathic murderers. Obama/Kerry want you to believe it is only a handful of extremists (no mention of Muslims or Islam) who wish to impose inhumane Sharia law through barbaric anti-Islamic violence. Nice spin but the facts prove otherwise.

There is a reason the middle east is not attracted to Democracy. Islam and Democracy are like oil and water. Democracy is based on the will of the people which constantly questions and challenges government, Islam is not interested in the will of the people, as it operates within the rigid boundaries of an Islamic ideology that perceives questions as blasphemous and the questioner, as an infidel.

Turkey our NATO "ally" which had been moving closer to Europe and a more secular lifestyle, reached its tipping point when the Mullahs felt threatened and rallied the Islamic population back into the Mosques where from an historical perspective, is where they are most comfortable. The relatively short Turkish experiment with democracy (with the exception of tourism and some trade) is all but over. The people have spoken. ErDOGan is the elected voice of rigid Islam and Turkey. He is a blatant antiSemite and a financial supporter of Islamic terrorism in the middle east.

Turkey is no friend of the west and a NATO member in name only.


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