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So many words

Submitted by Carlo, Sep 4, 2014 17:10

So many words castigating Obama. Certainly he was a disappointment to those who elected him, because in many ways he simply pursued the policies of his predecessor.

Despite the hostile comments, the same is true of his policy towards Israel - the bottom line being the $3.5 billion handout the US gives Israel each year.


Obama makes committment in Israel's name

Submitted by C. Givon, Sep 1, 2014 12:51

When President Obama said that the US has Israel's back he forgot to add the words 'as long as Israel does what I dictate'.! Judging by his misjudgments re the Middle East it should be obvious that the President has not learned from any of his multitude of errors in the region. Countries that were previously friendly to the West have joined those of radical Islam because of Obama's miscalculations. He and Hillary pushed for the overthrow of Mubarak of Egypt and then his successor, Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was elected - then removed for his Islamicist views. Obama and Biden said that al Qaeda was dead yet ISIS has grown out of al Qaeda. Time for the President to stop being the advisor to others and to concentrate on reducing the damage he has done to the U.S. domestically. Following the not completely success of the first World Trade Center bombing,Emerson predicted the second one and, sadly, he was right. Time to listen.


Emerson is full of *it!

Submitted by Scott B in DC, Aug 25, 2014 18:43

Geez... if Emerson actually read the article understood what was said, all it says is that the United States stands behind what Israel commits to. The US is not telling Israel what to do. The US will let Israel decide what to do and we'll stand by them.

Go read the article. The link is in the first sentence. If you can get past your hatred for the president you will see that there is nothing nefarious about the statement.

Emerson is a hater looking to stir the pot. Judging from some of the comments, he succeeded in stirring the emotions of those who didn't read the article. If you educate yourself, you might find that most of the (not all of the time) the official U.S. policy is reasonable and not what the haters are saying.

Remember, Emerson was castigated by the administration for getting the Boston Marathon bombing news wrong. I'm sure he's not holding a grudge!


Used to support Obama

Submitted by bevmar, Aug 22, 2014 20:52

Twice, I voted for Obama, I had no choice in the matter as I could not stand the Republicans who were running against him.

Although I consider myself to be liberal, I am not far left, more like I'm slightly more left than right.

President Obama has turned out to be a disappointment regarding Israel. However, it is Congress that has held back the money that is required to slow, if not stop, ISIS. Congress has prevented the president from accomplishing ANYTHING because of their bigotry; they simply have refused to accept that there is a Democrat in the White House that is black.

However, I do agree that POTUS has become too wishy-washy on many fronts including Israel. Islam has neither ethics or morality. It is beyond time that POTUS defecates or gets off the facility.



Aug 22, 2014 16:21

Obama is like a Merry-Go-Round, he is for Israel, then against, for, then against. He is a pathalogical liar who believe's that is is fooling us or that we don't remember his past speeches. He lies so much he doesn't even know when he is contradicting himself. I don't see how anyone could trust anything this man says. Besides that, he has no right to "guarantee" anything that has to do with another country.


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