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Submitted by Lutz Barz, Aug 22, 2014 05:41

The Palestinians for two decades prior the Soviet imposed partition via the UN of Palestinian lands with no self determination for the Palestinians who had held out the hands of reconciliation had been spurned by religious fundamentalist Jews and their Zionist brethren to defraud the Palestinians of their land instead of living in mutual and political harmony.

As for as claiming some fantastic non-existent deity to remove a people and impose an alien occupation defies all sensible logic.

The solution: a single expanded Israeli state including all the occupied territories with the inclusion of all Palestinians.

Anything else is a provocation against peace.



Submitted by Connie, Aug 14, 2014 15:04

I am so fed up with the muslim getting away with the bombing of Israel. GOD said Israel is HIS people and HE gave the Jewish people that land. Just because you don't care for a certain people, doesn't give you the right to blow them away. We need to help our friends and stop the Evil that walks among the Muslims. I will forever stand with Israel.


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