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Thank you Daniel Pomerantz and Family

Submitted by RP MD, Aug 11, 2014 01:08

Thank you Dr. Berko for writing about Daniel who exemplifies Israeli's sacrifice. .Any informed thinking person knows the IDF is the most moral army in the history of the world. I believe we have reached a point where this morality is misplaced and it is time for Israel to bite the bullitt and start the war to defeat the terrorist groups beginning with Hamas. I understand the Israeli people support this goal; the govt. is apparently weighing the price in men lost; it is strategically logical. All constraints should be lifted from IDF fighting tactics so more wonderful youth like Daniel are not lost. IAF pilots have stated they have been restricted in close ground support. Israel cannot wait for Obama to see the world security light. We need to mobilize allies into a world war to defeat the terror groups in every location. On to victory. RP MD So Cal.


To Hero Daniel, and All the IDF HEROES.

Submitted by Linda Rivera, Aug 5, 2014 13:38

Dear Daniel, You fought and died for God, for Jews, for Israel and for all non-muslims. You fought on the front lines of global jihad. Global jihad targets every non-muslim on earth.

Daniel, When you were killed, a light went out in the world.

Daniel, and All Wonderful, Brave IDF soldiers - Defenders of the Free World, thank you forever!

No power on earth can ever extinguish the light that is re-born Israel. Israel's light will shine forever.


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