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Wake Up IPT

Submitted by Brass Monkey, Jul 31, 2013 17:51

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is ONE person with NO direct links to Syria. "He" is a part of the conspiracy.


Wake up America

Submitted by Dan, Jul 30, 2013 15:49

Does it make sense to anyone, that we are supporting al-Qaeda terrorists who were involved in 9/11? I only see President Obama doing this because he wants to replace the Shia Muslim leadership in Syria with Sunni Muslim leadership, mainly to put in charge his favorite terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. These Sunni Muslim terrorists that President Obama has aligned himself with are murdering innocent Christians for no other reason than being Christians, and President Obama, John Kerry, Hillary and the rest of the Obama administration are ok with this, they can say what they will but actions speak louder than words. They are not supporting these Terrorists with funds and guns to bring Liberty and Freedom to anyone. This administration only wants to replace the Shia Muslim leadership with Sunni Muslim leadership. Christians in America better wake up to those who by mouth claim to want to bring people Freedom, but only to deliver death and the chains of slavery under Islam. The Egyptian people saw through President Obama and woke up in time to push the Muslim Brotherhood out of the Presidents office, now hopefully they can keep the Muslim Brotherhood out for good. God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.


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